Festivals & Gatherings

HoneyRoot’s Mixed Gender Retreat

October 13th-15th
Nevada City, CA

CommonRoot​ 2017 is our opportunity to gather with other adults in a contained, welcoming setting. Together, we explore the historical and current implications of the feminine and masculine energetic archetypes as they play out in our personal lives as well as in the life of the larger culture. Through experiential study, dialogue, music, dance, shared meals, and embodied play, we dive into both the baggage and the gifts of the universal dynamics of polarity.

We celebrate the full spectrum of fluid and non-binary identity. All perspectives and backgrounds are welcome at this workshop. This particular event will not be focused on clearing notions of “woman” and “man” out of the cultural conversation, however (though we are interested in that kind of work, too). The intention for this gathering is to create an opportunity for us to all bear witness and reexamine the pervasive role that archetypal polarity has had on our collective cellular and cultural unfolding. This is not really a retreat… this a healing, celebratory movement forward.

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Sedona Yoga Festival
A Consciousness Evolution Conference

February 8th-11th, 2018 
Sedona, AZ

Sedona Yoga Festival provides the keys to unlocking your greatest transformation with a focus on yoga and the expansion of consciousness in the undisputed spiritual center of the American West. With over 200 sessions to choose from, ranging from quiet meditation to rockin’ vinyasa, performances, experiential journeys, conscious conversation varying from “your multi-dimensional selves” to “body positive teaching techniques”, no two attendees weekends will be the same.

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